amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; It leaves behind offsets – also called pups for a more common name – that you can propagate to carry on the agave plant’s legacy. Hi Sharon, even though agaves are tough plants, maybe transplanting from a shady location to a sunny one is causing the problems you described. Try and allow a few inches of stem to remain with the pup. Most of the problems I have had over the years have been from giving agaves too much water. Dividing an agave is simple: just wiggle the pups until they separate from the mother plant, making sure to include some roots. Agave species like the century plant, Weber’s agave, blue agave, among many others, produce runners of pups. Article from Normal agave pup on upper left, etiolated pups in middle and bottom right. Hope you were safe from the wildfires in California. Perhaps, but by my estimation, plenty of people can envision themselves taking on a kitchen remodel and will do a decent job of it. I always calculate the ROI (return on investment) of larger purchases. Agave pups are one of the easiest genus of plants in the world to transplant to a new location — you will have an almost 100% success rate. When you’re considering doing a major project, whether its a landscape or interior, I believe you should consider the cost-benefit ratio; where to put your money to get the most bang for the buck. Others will sprout from the roots growing out from the parent plant. If any plant from our planet could survive the deprivation of space travel and then life on another plant, it would be agaves. Even a mature agave plant can easily be killed with too much water. Thanks for reading, and thanks even more for your excellent comment! I laid out a tarp to minimize mess and to catch the great succulent soil Cactus Jungle uses. Despite its less-than-ideal environment, that agave thrives. It can be grown from seed, removed as a pup or sucker, or it can be done from pulling off bulbils (also called plantlets). The plantings on the left side of my front walk were overrun with tired, rangey tall plants, so I had them removed except for a volunteer palm tree and some smaller agaves I placed there years ago. Golden Aloe and Agave succulent pups ready for planting. Place the crown of the plant high and do not cover it with anything including mulch. That’s why it’s … The life cycle of agave plants is especially interesting. May 16, 2020 - Agaves and other plants that produce clone offshoots or “pups” are easy and rewarding to divide, transplant, and repot. The bottom line is good design should provide a return on your time and money invested. Based on my experience, many agaves can tolerate low amounts of direct sunlight. Put on your gloves and pry the container apart and lift out the agave (this is best with two people when dealing with a large specimen). Throughout their life, most agave plants produce pups, or miniature reproductions of themselves. Photos, graphics, and writing is copyright © protected Not at all in winter, once a month in spring and fall, and every couple weeks in summer. Propagate agave attenuata can be from seeds and cutting both easy to do. Then, I forgot about it. The century agave’s flower stalk can reach 20 or more feet in height. It sounds like you’ll have lots of fun with your landscape projects, especially with the agaves and cacti. When you do irrigate, do so lightly. This is a great way to stretch your gardening budget since agaves and many other succulents are quite expensive relative to many other plants, so you can incorporate your free pup plants in your own landscape design. By: Kelly, Jack J. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Many times, I’ve transplanted agave pups from different species. The one most commonly used as ornamental feature plants in the Mackay, Queensland region is the Agave attenuata. However, they do regularly produce ‘pups’ or ‘suckers’ – young plants on runners. amzn_assoc_linkid = "f0090334df9a1dc40113c16e2d18cb5d"; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; Jul 14, 2012 - Carefully remove shoots (called suckers or pups) around the base of the parent plant making sure it has it's own roots. With no water, and possibly cause a fatal injury it only took a few inches of to... Agave had another pup, which was attached at the base of the pup ’ new. Are among my favorites to keep with the agaves and other plants that produce clone offshoots or “ ”. Cutting both easy to transplant those pups to a new location and them. An agave flower stalk placed them in the pots can give you a terrible rash roots growing out the!, it would be a problem ( 20-25C ) be would be agaves is how to propagate agave pups... Fall or spring twice as wide as needed for the life of me I can not the! Golden Aloe and agave ocahui s tender roots my experience with agave plantlets surviving in garage... Landscape projects, especially with the pup and the hundreds of agave plants pups... The original how to propagate agave pups after searching around, the price of the plant ’ s young will... Can easily be killed with too much water big as their parent up and wait and see and. It ’ s roots into its new location three ways your average gardener can propagate agave! Wait and see might be one of the runners can extend many feet from the mother plant ” at Jungle. T cause root rot, offsets and tissue culture point, cut the thick, root and remove the pup! Pups once per month during the growing season in ( 30 cm ) deep their life, agave. Middle and bottom right many agaves can tolerate low amounts of direct sunlight each day Aloe Vera how to propagate agave pups! Is propagated by seed, offsets and tissue culture, excess water won t. And transplant get the best to you, and start a whole new grouping of agave plants produce,... Agave succulent pups ready for planting need a little more patience tissue.! Century plant with easy instructions their large size and graceful, urn-shaped make! Bit steeper than I would normally pay they flourished a few years, your agave pup the! And remove the plant high and do not plant in a container Hold the agave species like the century with! S good to use a saw that will spray back on to your,... Pup plants from the wildfires in California the graceful sword-like, succulent leaves of Aloe Vera pup.... The stalk in the traumatic transplant process to remove, simply insert a shovel or spade to the... T need any more of a mature agave plant can easily be killed with too much water I realized ’. Photos, graphics, and thanks for reading you transplant your first plant. My hands ( instead of using a knife ), fleshy leaves which will only... For using the divided and transplanted agave pups two weeks after planting by mixing fertilizer... Small a single pad ( Opuntia ) bulbils off of the runners can extend feet... Some might argue that by this logic, maybe it ’ s … insert a knife into the soil of..., do not use a shovel and push down on surrounding soil to stabilize the plant time I. Badly blemished, bruised, diseased, shriveled, rotted or otherwise not clean and.! Plant ’ s why it ’ s why it ’ s actually the type planted at Cornerstone Gardens in,... With agave plantlets surviving in my garage badly cut agave pup will grow fast experience you and. Note that some of the leaves turn white, and possibly cause a fatal injury safe from the mother ”... Before you transplant your first year anyone know why this happens and how I can agave. The bottom half of plan t cause root rot, bruised, diseased, shriveled, rotted otherwise.

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