Item # 16TD96; Mfr. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Each coil weighs 66.9 pounds and yields a total length of 150 lineal feet or 2.24 feet per pound. The answer is .054”. COIL YIELDS IF YOU KNOW HOW MANY FEET 11.75" Number Of Feet Number Of Pounds Per Foot Number Of Pounds.027" Aluminum _____ X 0.377 = _____.032" Aluminum _____ X 0.446 Also, these are single sheet prices only; net price is determined by quantity. The special coating is composed of 55% aluminum, 1.6% silicon, and 43.4% zinc. Some products boast of a lifetime warranty, but in the fine print, the warranties may only have 25 years or less of coverage on important items like fading or chalking. Now to find the maximum capacity for aluminum, simply multiply the thickness of your mild steel by 1.5. Weight Chart for Aluminum Sheets Painted Aluminum Sheets GAUGE PER SQ. We carry 21 different colors in stock – we can get you the look you need, and have your truck loaded with custom length coil in minutes. 032 gauge x 15” 1.754 feet per pound To find out the cost per foot, each pound of gutter material should produce a specific amount of footage. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. Steel, ultimately, has greater strength while aluminum, ultimately, has greater corrosion resistance. Aluminum Sheeting . Our clear trim covers all the sharp edges of the pontoon fence paneling. $52.61. I would certainly expect a Kynar 500 / Hylar 5000 finish on both. Aluminum coil available in several guages, colors, & widths. Elbow covers are also available in Large Bore Elbow Covers and Gore Elobw Covers for larger piping. They are roll-formed from.032 aluminum,.040 aluminum, and 24 or 22 gauge steel. ... 0.032, 20 GA: 4 x 8. Product Description. x 50ft. If you live in a region that experiences harsh, snowy weather, you may want to consider .032 gauge aluminum. Note: all aluminum sheets are masked on side except stucco patterned sheets. Gloss Finish . Petersen offers a pre-formed soffit panel suitable for both commercial and residential use. Alumet Supply is a metal service center specializing in aluminum sheet and coil. Mill Finish - Not Polished This would be a medium-weight aluminum compared to the .025 gutter systems that are sold in home supply stores. It is a low cost, easily maintained solution. Aluminum Sheet 6061-T6 exhibits above average corrosion resistance, good machinability, high strength, light weight, good weldability, and the ability to be heat treated for even higher strength, all at an affordable price. Amerimax 66004 Aluminum Roll Flashing, 4" x 50' 4.6 out of 5 stars 124. Non-clad aluminum and stainless steel may be provided with a 3-Mil Polyfilm Moisture protection membrane bonded to the interior surface. ... - 032" (0.8mm): For areas where extra protection is required, or in custom fabrication of Box covers, tank heads, or heavy wear areas. 6061 is the most commonly used aluminum alloy in the world due to its positive characteristics. The Cost is $199.00 Per Roll. Our .027 X 15 and .032 X 15 Mini rolls are 120ft per roll and the Junior rolls are 75 ft per roll, intended for 6” gutter. Galvalume® roll jacketing is manufactured from low carbon cold rolled steel that has a continuous hot dipped aluminum-zinc alloy coating applied to the outer surfaces for resistance to corrosion. 99. With two locations to serve you, we offer same day pickup service, as well as weekly, next day deliveries throughout Michigan and into Indiana and Ohio. Ryerson’s complete stock of aluminum coil supports all of your most demanding needs and is used in a multitude of industries and applications, including cargo trailer manufacturing and electronics industries. Aluminum Roll Jacketing is manufactured from alloys 3105 and 3003, conforming to ASTM B-209 designation, half-hard temper (H-14) and heavier gauges-hard (H-12 lock-forming quality). Click on the product name to learn more or call our Customer Service department at 800-331-9966. QE’s Q800 finish is designed to provide the kind of tough finish you need to resist peeling, cracking, chipping or delaminating. Roll Width: 36” Deep Corrugated Sheets. See Aluminum Tolerances. Both 24 gauge steel and .032" aluminum can make a very good roof. We provide custom colors and custom sizes. We supply heat treatable, non-heat treatable, diamond tread and coated, pre-painted aluminum coil tubing in a multitude of colors. Trim Coil We specialize in manufacturing our RV parts in just 24 to 48 hours. These panels are roll-formed from.032 aluminum. Auto hobbyists and handypersons sometimes have the need to cut aluminum sheeting, and don't always have the luxury of going to a metalworking shop to take care of it. Stock .040 Colors . Deep corrugated sheets are available in aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel. 0.032 Aluminum Specifications Uses: Soffit, Ceiling, Fascia, Screen Wall Coverage: 11 5/8" ... May be site-formed using the Berridge FP-16 Roll Former Vented option provides 5.19 square inches of Net Free Vent Area (NFVA) per linear foot of panel. Both sides of the pontoon fence are painted. Cold roll strip tolerance technical data based on thickness and width ranges. It’s widely used because of … Upgrading to .032 gutters is recommended for maximum strength, but not needed for every home. 3003 Aluminum Sheet has a smooth, semi-shiny finish and is popular for many applications, including: fuel tanks, food & chemical handling, trailer siding & roofing, etc. It is available in … Minimum panel length is 24”. $55.33. Grainger Choice Product. We also have our own brand of ACM panels, called Compbond. .032" 5052-H32 Aluminum Sheet E-mail this product to a friend.